Do you want to see the creations of the greatest master of mystification and the brightest representative of surrealism, and then take a walk along the medieval streets of the capital of the richest province in Spain? If so, then an excursion to the Dali Museum and Girona from LikeDrivers is the ideal form of relaxation for you!

The trip begins with a visit to the most unusual museum in the world, which is located in the hometown of Salvador Dali in Figueres. Even the smallest detail of this building will not leave you indifferent, which is just a space dome in the form of a fly’s eye or huge eggs on the roof of the building. Each of its halls resembles a theater stage or a labyrinth, which must be passed and overcome in order to understand the life and work of the mysterious artist, sculptor, poet, writer, and designer.

At the end of the excursion, you can enjoy stunning views of the old part of Girona, one of the most beautiful cities in northern Catalonia. Its narrow streets, medieval buildings and the beautiful promenade of the Onyar River with numerous bridges hanging over the river will not leave you indifferent.

To make the tour to the Museum of the Great Genius of Salvador Dali and the capital of Catalonia easy and relaxed, it is better to entrust its organization to professionals. LikeDrivers specialists will carefully develop your route and think out a way to travel. For your trip, you can rent a car of business or a VIP-class with a driver, who is well oriented not only in Catalonia but throughout Spain.

Why choose LikeDrivers?

The LikeDrivers company will help organize an excursion to the Dali Museum and Girona at any time suitable for you. You can rent transport and discuss the details of the trip online on our website around the clock. There are other advantages of ordering excursions from our company:

  • you save time on drawing up a tour route and clarifying all the details because our company does it for you;
  • we have our own fleet of vehicles, so there are no overlays with transport, as when ordering excursions through intermediaries;
  • we have a fleet of S, E, V class cars, which are no more than 3 years old;
  • our drivers are professionals. They speak Spanish and English;
  • we are punctual always and under any circumstances;
  • you can pay for the tour in cash or via bank transfer;
  • our clients always have a personal manager at their disposal;
  • LikeDrivers operating hours 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Excursion to the Dali Museum and Girona: how to order a service

If you have long wanted to visit the museum of the brilliant surrealist Salvador Dali and take a walk along the medieval streets of the capital of Catalonia, Girona, LikeDrivers will help your dreams come true. To do this, just call us at the contact numbers and coordinate with the manager the time and route of the trip. You can also choose a business car or VIP class at your preferences.

If you value comfort and personal time, and also prefer quality service, call LikeDrivers to book an excursion to the Dali Museum and Girona. We will take care of you during your trip!

Booking for excursion to the Dali Museum and Girona


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