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VIP transfer in Barcelona photo

VIP transfer in Barcelona

A VIP transfer from Barcelona airport to business meetings. You comfortably move around in S, E and V class cars, which makes it possible to focus on important issues and not think about the trip itself. Our service is convenient, pleasant and on time!

Rent a car with a driver in Barcelona photo

Rent a car with a driver

A high-quality individual tour in Barcelona or a solemn event can`t be done without the services of a professional driver. Our cars will make every trip especially comfortable.

Barcelona Tours photo

Barcelona Tours

Why crowd in public transport or get lost in the narrow streets of Barcelona in a rented car, if you can book a professional sightseeing tour in a VIP car with a professional driver who knows the city like the back of his hand?

We know how much you value comfort in everything. Therefore, LikeDrivers offers its services to guests of the capital of Spain and all its surrounding cities. An exclusive fleet of vehicles works for you, which consists of S, E and V class cars, not older than 3 years. Our experienced drivers know how to get you to your destination the fastest and take into account all your wishes along the route.

What makes LikeDrivers services different from usual car rental

The entire fleet is our own, so you can be sure – when ordering services with us, you definitely avoid intermediaries. Thanks to this, all issues, such as replacing a car or a route, are resolved instantly. We provide service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You are constantly in touch with a personal manager who is ready to coordinate you on all issues at any moment. With LikeDrivers, you can do it everywhere, even if you move around the city at rush hour!

In addition to punctuality and high comfort, LikeDrivers services include organizing interesting sightseeing tours and renting a car with a driver for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, etc. We want to give an extremely pleasant experience from a stay in beautiful Spain! We provide a wide range of cars for a different number of people and experienced drivers who can speak Spanish, English and Russian for our customers.

Our principles – your comfort

We could offer you a car of an older age than now, a little less comfortable and less experienced drivers. But LikeDrivers are not used to saving! We cannot afford to take your time and want to provide services of a real VIP class when the staff knows in advance all the wishes of the client, does not allow any “BUT” in service. We strive to answer the question: “Where to order a good transfer or driver with a car in Spain?” They always answered you: “Of course, in LikeDrivers! To do this, we:

  • we have our own fleet with top-end cars in all major cities in Spain;
  • we hire only experienced, tidy drivers who know the city well;
  • we conduct advanced training courses for all employees of the company;
  • we constantly take feedback from our customers and welcome criticism and your wishes in order to become better.

We solve any issue of transportation in Barcelona or other cities of Spain at the highest level! Dozens of satisfied customers of LikeDrivers have become our regular customers because they value comfort and their own time above all else. Try it and you will cooperate with us! Make sure that the best service and the most luxurious cars are about LikeDrivers.

With LikeDrivers services remember only the best sides of Barcelona!

Arriving in another country, everyone can feel awkward and confused, especially when you don`t know the language. To concentrate on important meetings or on quality rest, dial the LikeDrivers company number. The selected VIP class car will be served at the appointed time and place. Plan a route with our manager and forget about issues related to moving around an unfamiliar city.

Relax and enjoy watching magnificent Barcelona from the window of a luxury car. You and your business partners or friends will remember only the pleasant moments of the trip, because there simply will not be others! We take responsibility for your comfort and tranquility. To coordinate all the details of the service, please contact our manager by contact phone or leave a request on the site. Our employee will contact you shortly!


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