Montserrat Monastery is the main religious center of Catalonia and the spiritual symbol of all Spaniards. Every year, thousands of pilgrims rise to a height of 725 m above sea level just to see the sculpture of the Black Madonna hidden in one of the caves of the monastery. According to legend, “La Moreneta”, as the Catalans affectionately call her, fulfills the desires of those who want to find a groom or longing for a baby. You can come to Montserrat Monastery not only for the contemplation of a spiritual relic but also in order to enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding rocks, to taste the cheeses and honey that are produced by local residents. And in order for the excursion to Montserrat Monastery to be easy and with maximum comfort, you need to think ahead of your route and method of transportation.

The LikeDrivers company will professionally help you with the organization of the trip. You can order a business and VIP-class transfer from us, as well as rent a car with a driver, who is well-oriented not only in Catalonia but throughout Spain.

Why choose LikeDrivers?

The excursion to the Benedictine monastery will be interesting, saturated and comfortable if you rent transport in advance on the LikeDrivers website. This can be done at any time of the day. Your task is to arrive in Spain, our transport will be waiting for you at a strictly agreed time and indicated place. The advantages of cooperation with our company in person:

  • ordering an excursion to the Catalan monastery saves time since there is no need to plan a route separately, look for a taxi or public transport, spend time waiting for it and risk a breakdown;
  • the company owns its own fleet, therefore overlays are excluded, as when working with intermediaries. You will receive exactly the transport that was ordered for the tour;
  • our fleet consists of S, E, V class cars not older than 3 years;
  • our drivers are professionals. They are fluent in English and Spanish;
  • we are punctual always and in everything;
  • payment is accepted in cash and by bank transfer;
  • our clients have round-the-clock communication with a personal manager;
  • LIKEDRIVERS operates 365 days a year 24/7.

Montserrat Monastery Tour: how to order a service

Have you wanted to visit the spiritual center of Catalonia and the whole of Spain for a long time? LikeDrivers will help to make your dreams come true. If you want a tour to the monastery to be organized at the highest level, call us at the contact number and coordinate with the manager the time and route, and also choose a business or VIP class car to your preferences.

A car will be waiting for you at the airport, a Russian-speaking driver with a sign will meet you and take you to the right place, and if necessary will accompany you throughout your stay in the Benedictine monastery. The entire trip and tour of the Montserrat Monastery will be clearly planned in time, so you will have time to enjoy all the beauties of the Catalan relic.

If you value comfort and personal time, and also prefer quality service, call LikeDrivers. We will take care of you during your trip!

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